Also called degenerative joint disease, hypertrophic arthritis, osteoarthrosis. Please note that this information is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a medical professional. These tables are commonly used to summarize medical literature, but they can also be applied to other sources of information. Earn a university-issued career credential in a flexible, interactive format. A research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease.

  • Record all crucial medication details, from frequency of use to physician prescription, with this comprehensive template.
  • Electronic speech synthesizers that allow a person who is unable to speak to communicate using a portable keyboard – prescription needed.
  • Understanding the roles of different hospital staff members allows for more effective communication during medical interactions.
  • Typically, a comprehensive inspection and preventive maintenance should be conducted annually.

New tool flags hidden sexual struggles in female partners of patients with prostate cancer The partners of patients with prostate cancer grapple with their own quality-of-life issues that impact their sexual well-being, a new study shows. Using the first questionnaire of its kind, the authors uncovered key challenges … Medicine information Information and fact sheets for patients and professionals.

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An ENT doctor may treat problems with the sinuses, throat, tonsils, ears, mouth, head, and neck. Some ENT doctors undergo additional training to focus on one specific area, such as pediatrics or rhinology, which refers to the nose and sinuses. This article looks at the different types of doctor, their roles, the conditions they treat, and the procedures they can perform.

  • Therefore attention to detail is a must, as is proficiency in the coding systems you will be using at your particular health care facility.
  • Each type of doctor undergoes their own unique training and education to allow them to diagnose and treat specific diseases and conditions.
  • Medical assistants work alongside doctors and behind the scenes to support your medical care.
  • For residents of Ontario, the provincial limit is up to $16,408 for these expenses ($32,816 if the person died in the year).
  • Jennifer’s doctor gave her a letter certifying that she was not able to travel without an attendant.

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