Imagine the convenience of “visiting” your doctor through your smartphone or computer. Or, as a healthcare provider, being able to connect with your patients and offer them advice and care, no matter where they are. Welcome to the exciting world of telemedicine – a digital approach to healthcare that combines the speed and reach of technology with the personalization and expertise of medical professionals. This can include the part of the nursing home fees paid for full-time care that relate only to salaries and wagesForm T2201You can claim the disability amount and up to $10,000 for these expenses ($20,000 if the person died in the year). Medical assistants work alongside doctors and behind the scenes to support your medical care. They perform a wide range of tasks like taking your medical history, checking your vital signs and updating your medical records.

  • The following chart shows the certification you need to claim attendant care as a medical expenses on line or of your tax return (Step 5 – Federal tax) and if you can also claim the disability amount on line or line 31800.
  • Health Insurance BC administers MSP on behalf of the Ministry of Health and can answer your questions about medical coverage.
  • If several people eat the product, only the costs related to the part of the product that is eaten by the person with celiac disease may be claimed as a medical expense.

Judy is a 57-year-old who earned $40,000 of pension income last year. She was seriously injured in a car accident a few years ago and now needs full-time attendant care. Of that amount, $21,000 was her share of the salaries and wages paid to staff for full-time attendant care.

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Here, you’ll learn about different tests and procedures that doctors may use to assess your health. Patient consultations involve asking questions about his or her condition. To write the medical letter, have an idea about the details, start the process by assessing them. Ask about their health history, sign and symptoms, and medications or treatment. In a medical malpractice suit, the plaintiff is the party who claims they experienced injury due to negligence or are the family members of the patient who died.

  • Therapy – the salary and wages paid for the therapy given to a person who is eligible for the disability tax credit .
  • Vehicle device designed only to allow a person with a mobility impairment to drive the vehicle – prescription needed.
  • This Review describes how acoustic cavitation can be used to improve the delivery of drugs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and stroke.
  • Technology that enables researchers to interpret brain signals could one day allow people to talk using only their thoughts.
  • Cardiologists treat heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrests, arrhythmias , heart failure and many other heart related illnesses.

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